Cheryl's Cake Express

 The cake at the top was a 4 tier cake for 200 people. It was placed on a center pole cake stand,then on top of the fountain set up with a satellite cake to the side. Burgundy silk tea roses decorated the cake with silk flowers  under the bottom layer and around the base of the fountain. Cake was $510.00 (including $10.00 extra for one small layer of carrot cake with cream cheese filling) Cake stand required a rental fee of $25.00 with $50.00 refundable deposit,and fountain set up added a rental fee of $25.00 plus a refundable fee of $75.00. $685.00 due on delivery-$125.00 refundable on return of cake set ups.

Actual cost of cake-$565.00 after refunds on equipment

The three tiered cake on the bottom picture was a traditional "stacked" cake with simple borders and decorated with real flowers.   It was all one flavor and served 100-125 people.

Cost was $2.50 per person or $312.50

No special equipment used,cake was on a cardboard support.

 Call to ask about different set ups and designs. Saw something in a magazine? Show me and we'll talk....

This cake(at top) was done with Congonese motifs and colors taken from the wedding invitations, and was on a center pole cake stand with 4 free standing tiers. It had three different cake flavors and served 200 people. Cake was $510.00.(included additional charge of $10.00 for top small layer of carrot cake with cream cheese filling)  Rental of 4 tier cake stand was $25.00 with a refundable deposit of $50.00.

The bottom cake was a three tier over a fountain serving 150 people. It was decorated with silk flowers and ribbons, and had simple borders and hearts in frosting on the sides of the cake.

Cake was $375.00 dollars plus a rental fee of fountain set up of $25.00 with an additional refundable fee of $75.00.


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