Cheryl's Cake Express

Wedding cake created for Will and Peri Broadbent, September 2008. 

Cake topper on satellite cake was made from tin foil by a friend of the bride.

Cake below was created for Chris and
 Ashley DeCapua Jr. in July 2005.

  Wedding cakes for reasonable prices!


     Cheryl Johnson-Bridgton, Maine

             Phone-207 647-8377


I'm excited about making one of the most memorable days in your lives a little easier-on the stress level and the pocketbook! I know that it is an important day for the wedding couple and their families and friends. The wedding cake is an important part of the celebration, both as a visual decoration centerpiece and also as the special delicious "dessert" of the day. It's always been a pleasure to offer my services and do my best to contribute to the joyous festivities, making sure that the cake delivery, set up and presentation goes smoothly and that the cake itself is the best your guests have ever tasted.

I've been a cake baker/decorator for over 32 years, with lots of experience in many different looks of wedding cakes and flavors. I've worked in a successful bakery in the Portland, Maine area and for 10 years in Bridgton at Adams Bakery after I relocated many years ago, as their primary cake baker and decorator. I currently teach classes in cake decorating at the Stevens Memorial School and Community College in Bridgton, Maine.

Please take a look at the pictures and information  provided on this site to get an idea of what you'd like for your own special day.

I'll be very happy to create the wedding cake of your dreams!

                               Cake Creator-Cheryl

The cake and couple at the left is from 30+ years ago, and this was the very first wedding cake I ever made. It was for my younger sister and I had never decorated a cake before offering to do this one. I read cake decorating books and taught myself. At the time, I knew very little about cake decorating and how to construct the tiers but it was made with a lot of love, so my sister and her husband were pleased.

        Wedding Planning Just Got Easier!


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