Cheryl's Cake Express

Directly to the right is a "fantasy" wedding cake, which was created for a fireman and his bride. A stacked 3 tier cake decorated like a mountain with a burning building at the top, the road winding around with toy fire engines placed on it and a fire house at the base.

This cake is a three tier,separated with pillars and decorated very simply in very dark chocolate. Black frosting color is NOT recommended as it makes the frosting taste very bitter. It served 100+ people.  Choosing the arrangements of set up are left to the customer but the suggestions of the cake creator should be taken into consideration for the over all beauty of the presentation. Pillars that are too high without proper consideration of what is being placed between should be avoided as in this black and white decorated cake. Impressive height is not always desirable if the decorations are not in sync with the total look. 

Next one down is a traditional 3 tiered stack cake, very simple decorations and a different color scheme for a summer wedding. Served 100 people.

* Note-Traditional stacked cakes must be delivered by decorator as they require setting up on the reception premise. Also, when cut for serving, they must be separated before hand by the caterer or wait people. Thick cardboard circles are placed between layers along with wooden dowels for support. Hand outs will be provided upon delivery to help guide the servers with the cutting of each layer and the number of servings that can be expected from each tier.

Next cake is a small 2 tier cake separated with pillars serving 25-30 people. The decorations are traditional wedding swags, borders and red roses. Special cake toppers are usually chosen and  bought by the customer although on occasion, it can be discussed and negotiated in the price of the cake. Cakes such as this one would not require delivery if the customer does not wish it.

The traditional 3 tier stack cake has purple silk flowers and simple borders with figures for the top bought by the bride.

Under that one is the last cake on the left row which is a 3 tier on 18" pillars so that two pairs of roller skates can fit underneath with silk flowers decorating them.2 bottom tiers are stacked,top layer is on pillars.


Cakes to the far right starting at the top of page are:

Peach colored frosting roses with gold foil leaves and dried baby's breath decorate the first cake which is completely separated by 2 sets of pillars.

Delicate blue 3 tier cake over the fountain,first and second layers are stacked with pillars supporting the top tier.

Second cake is a red,white and blue small 3 tier, bottom 2 stacked with the top layer on short crystal pillars with red frosting roses.

Next cake is a 3 tier stacked above the fountain with silk flowers.

Under that is a 3 tier over the fountain,with the 2 bottom layers stacked,long white pillars supporting the top layer. Decorations are orange silk flowers and frosting roses.

Next cake is set up on the center pole stand with traditional swags and yellow frosting roses.

Next on right cake is a 3 tier with the 2 bottom layers stacked and the top on pillars with two toned orange and yellow frosting roses.

Bottom cake is a center pole set up,3 tiered with silk flowers.


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