Cheryl's Cake Express

 Cake Set Ups are fairly simple.

The top two are two tiered stacked and a single large sheet cake,either single layered or doubled.

The second level is as follows: 3 tier stacked-3 tier 2 bottom layers stacked with top on pillars-3 tier separated by 2 sets of pillars.

Third level: 3 tier with the top 2 tiers separated by pillars, 3 tiers on the center pole cake stand,4 tiers on center pole stand.

Bottom level:5 tiers on center pole stand,3 tier stacked above the fountain,3 tier stacked bottom layers with the top separated by pillars on top of fountain.

Your cake can be set up in any way you like as long as it is realistic and stable. I will make suggestions if you like. These diagrams are just illustrations of some of the more popular set ups. There are many more combinations of set ups.

The cake tier sizes needed will be discussed thoroughly at the ordering of the cake, to ensure that there will be plenty for all your guests. The tier sizes start at 6" and go all the way up to 16". Square,rectangle, heart and octagonal shapes are available. Some interchange of shapes in the tiers can look very nice together.

I can now offer a white enamel metal cake stand the holds three tiers with a strong side bar.

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