Cheryl's Cake Express

Cake Flavors    All cakes are $2.50 per person-includes frosting and frosting decorations unless

                                    otherwise specified by an asterisk *

White cake (traditional wedding flavor-egg whites)            Apple Caramel Cake  *

Fluffy,white moist cake in the traditional wedding cake vanilla flavor and look                                Rich dense cake made with real apple butter and dark brown sugar

Yellow Cake (Vanilla w/yolks)                                                                     Deliciously different ,truly a signature flavor    

  Rich moist golden yellow vanilla  cake                                                                                    Add $1.00 per person

White cake with Rainbow Sprinkles                    

White cake with rainbow sprinkles mixed into the batter                                                  

Chocolate cake                                                                       Carrot cake  *

Deep dark fudge chocolate or lighter devil's food                                                                  With or without raisins and/or walnuts and cream cheese frosting

                                                                                                                 Add .50 cents per person for plain carrot cake

Yellow Cake w/Choc Sprinkles                                                                  Add .50 cents per person for chopped walnuts and/or raisins

 Rich,Moist golden-yellow cake  with chocolate "jimmies"                                                    Add .50 cents per person for cream cheese frosting and fillings

Marble cake                                                                            Maple flavored cake  *

Rich yellow cake swirled with dark fudge cake                                                                             Delicious maple walnut cake made with real maple flavorings

Butterscotch cake                                                                           Add .25 cents per person for plain maple cake 

Dense dark golden cake with a true butterscotch flavor                                                       Add .25 cents per person for chopped walnuts

Lemon cake                                                                          

Fresh squeezed lemons used in this rich yellow cake                                                         Poppy Seed cake  *

Strawberry  cake                                                                      Light moist yellow cake studded with a generous sprinkling of poppy seeds

Light pink colored cake                                                                                                             A truly different kind of wedding cake flavor.

Spice Cake                                                                                      Add .50 cents per person

 A light tan colored moist cake with plenty of spice                                                



Special Fillings *

Vanilla custard       Lemon filling    Chocolate custard      Chocolate mousse     Cream cheese     Strawberry or Raspberry  

Butterscotch custard     Mocha mousse            Cherry filling          Peanut Butter filling           German Choc filling(walnuts,coconut)

Add .50 cents per person  for all fillings                                                                        Add $1.00 per person for German Choc

Special Frostings

Traditional  Vanilla Buttercream                      Buttercream Chocolate  *                           Cream Cheese frosting *             

Off white/Ivory colored-best tasting                            Dark Chocolate frosting for the serious choc lovers                Thick luscious cream cheese frosting

                                                                  Add .25 cents per person                                   Add .50 cents per person

Pure White Buttercream                                                                                                     German Chocolate (Nuts,Coconut, etc) *      

No butter/white shortening and vanilla                     Caramel Buttercream   *                                  Lots of walnuts,coconut and deep choc frosting

Maple Buttercream                                        Made with melted sugars, true caramel flavor                            Add $1.00 per person

Real maple flavor                                                             Add .25 cents per person

Lemon Buttercream

Fresh squeezed lemon juice used


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