Cheryl's Cake Express

Delivery is available for all cakes ordered and in most cases, it is required-as the setting up of the cakes cannot be done by the customers themselves. Also, the transporting of decorated and tiered cakes can be complicated and tricky so it is highly recommended that the cake creator herself be in charge of moving the cake to its final destination,regardless of the choice of set up. Keeping in mind that the cost of delivery can be an issue, I pledge to keep the price of this service as low as possible.

Delivery for a 25 mile round trip will be a base rate of $25.00 and that includes time to set up the cake. Any mileage over 25 will be charged at .50 cents a mile. When the cake is ordered I will calculate the amount of mileage to the final destination by the shortest route there-keeping down the charges if possible. Even with gas prices and materials what they are, I'm sure that I can charge an acceptable rate.The customer will be told of the delivery fee at the ordering of the cake,there will be no surprises.


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