Cheryl's Cake Express

There are some particular considerations regarding the agreement between the cake decorator and the customer that should be made clear. 

 1. A deposit of 25% will be paid at the ordering of the cake after the details are discussed and agreed upon. The 25% payment will not include  refundable rental deposits or delivery fees, it will be based solely on the base price of the cake itself and the non-refundable rental fees combined.

Example 1: Cake for 200 is ordered at $2.50 per person. It is a stacked tier cake with no pillars or other equipment required other than delivery. The base cake price is $500.00. So the initial deposit will be $125.00 at ordering.  The customer may pay more than this amount if they wish at the time.

Example 2: Cake for 200 is ordered at $2.50 per person. It is a bottom and middle stacked cake with a set of pillars supporting the top layer. There is a rental fee of $15.00 for the small pillar set with a rental deposit of $15.00. So the base price of this cake is $515.00. The 25% deposit will be $128.75.The customer may pay more than this amount at this time if they wish.

2. A cake order can be canceled at any time up to 1 week (7 days) before the event  and the entire deposit will be refunded. If there is a cancellation within the last 7 days, the 25% deposit will be retained by the cake decorator. If the entire price of the cake was paid in full even up to the last week-75% will be refunded to the customer unless the cancellation was made in the last 24 hours before the event in which case the full price will not be refunded, as the cake will have already been made and most likely would then be donated to a local charity or hospital.

3.Cake decorator has many options on hand of cake stand set ups,fountain and decorating props such as silk flowers that can be rented. In the case of ordering specific set ups or decorations that are not on hand, these will have to be paid for by the customer, and will be the property of the customer unless an agreement is made between the cake decorator and customer about the possibility of Cheryl's Cake Express buying the equipment. All these details will be discussed when ordering.

4. Payment for the cake is expected to be made in full before the day of the event, including the delivery fee that will be explained and agreed upon beforehand,and rental and deposit fees. If the cake fee is not paid in full by one week before the event, the deposit will be returned and the cake cannot be made. Payment will not be accepted at the event. It is a too busy and stressful time for someone to remember to pay a person making a wedding cake delivery and setting it up. Payment can be broken down in increments if necessary in the weeks before the wedding, as long as the full amount is paid in advance. 

5. The matter of returning the cake equipment must be agreed on beforehand. I will accommodate whomever is responsible in returning it and will meet them halfway to pick it up and to refund the deposit fees. In the case that the equipment is lost,broken and not returned, I will retain the deposit fees in order to defray the costs of replacing it.

6. After setting up the cake at the event, a hand out will be left with the head server or catering staff which illustrates the correct cutting procedure of the layers of cake in order to produce uniform slices at the numbers needed to serve all the guests. I will make sure that there is an ample amount of the cake to be served always, but the cutting diagram is helpful to refer to when serving. 

7.  There is an order minimum of at least 25 people. Any smaller cake will not be feasible for the cake decorator to make, cost-wise.


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